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Printed Promotional Bag FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


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Q. What is the minimum number that I can order?
A. As few as 100 but do remember that this number will dramatically increase the print cost.

Q. Can you provide cheaper bags?
A. Yes, we have products that are suitable for every budget from low price VertVivant Cotton Shoppers through to fully Certified Organic canvas totes.
Your budget is the only decider.
With bags starting from as low as 40p/bag printed with one colour on one side every budget is catered for..

Q. Where are your cotton and jute bags sourced?
A. They are sourced in India from partner factories that practice strict Fair Trade/Wage Fair policies by working to the ETI base code as a minimum and who also support and adhere to our environmental standards.

Q. Can you supply Fairtrade cotton bags?
A. Yes we can supply bags made from Fairtrade cotton.

Q. Are your Organic cotton bags really organic?
A. Yes, we are able supply fully certificated organic cotton bags.

Q. Do you sell jute bags?
A.Yes, we do cater for this market for re-usable bags.

Q. Do you sell NWPP bags?
A. Again yes.

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